legume family Glycine max

Black Hokkaido Sojabohnen

This black soybean is considered in Japan to be the absolute best. It is perfect and highly recommended for edamame. Continuously harvest young pods while the seeds are still soft. Then blanch them in boiling salt water. After they drip off you can pop the seeds into your mouth with a little bit of finger pressure. If you let the seeds mature, they can be used like other dry beans.

Cultivate like other peas. In brief, sow from March to April. Space rows at 40–60 cm with 2–3 cm between each single seed at a depth of 5 cm. Alternatively, space circular plantings of 8–10 seeds at 40–60 cm. Seeds must be protected from birds. Pound in a branched stake in the centre of the circle for plants to climb up. If sown into rows, trellis plants with twine or wire on both sides. Harvest from June and onwards.

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Sowing quantity 500 - 600 g/Are

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