gourd family, cucurbit family Cucumis sativus

Cleopatra Cucumber

Throughout Egyptian markets, you can find these delectable, crunchy cucumbers which are just as alluring as their namesake—Cleopatra. Their taste is so captivating that we immediately started selecting them for our climate... et voila, now they are available. They are irresistible as a healthy snack and unbeatable cut into Greek salads. Length averages 12–15 cm.

Sow beginning in mid-April with 2 seeds each in an 8-cell starter tray for transplants or from mid-May direct seeded in the field. Plant with a spacing of 50 ✕ 50 cm in nutrient-rich soil. Compost and mulch cover are recommended. Intercrop with any salad greens, kohlrabi, radish or, even, sweet corn in between the young cucumbers for maximizing garden space.

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Sowing quantity 20 - 25 g/Are

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