crucifer, cabbage family Cucurbita pepo

Round one from Nice zucchini

The round Zucchini! Traditionally cultivated in Italy and South of France, just discovered in our region. Harvest the round, light-green, slightly striped fruits from a small (3cm) to large size (10cm). They are prepared like zucchini, but are predestined to fill. Plant does not trail. High yield.

Plant a single seed in a 10cm pot in the middle of April (at about 20°C). Only lightly cover with soil or sand and keep evenly moist. Plant out from the 20th of May (Attention slug damage!) either at the base of the compost heap or in nutrient-rich soil. Frost-protected cultivation necessary. Plant distances 80-100cm in all directions.

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Sowing quantity 10 g/Are

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Portion (ca. 10 plants)
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25 g (8 seeds/g)
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