crucifer, cabbage family Cucurbita pepo

Ronde de Nice (Round one from Nice, France) zucchini

This is your round zucchini! Although it has delighted the palettes of those in Italy and southern France for ages, it is new to us. The round, bright-green, and slightly striped fruits are harvested from early stages (3 cm) to large sizes (10 cm). They are used for all recipes, but are ideal for stuffing. The plant does not creep and gives a high yield.

Sow from mid-April as single seeds in 10-cm pots at about 20º C. Lightly cover seeds with loose soil or sand and keep moist. Transplant into the field from May 20th at the foot of the compost pile or in nutrient-rich soil. (Beware of slug damage!) Keep free from frost. Space individual plants at 80–100 cm on all sides.

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Sowing quantity 10 g/Are

Item No.
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Portion (ca. 10 seeds)
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25 g (8 seeds/g)
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