gourd family, cucurbit family Melothria pendula scabra

Mexican sour gherkin gherkins

You have never ever encountered this plant. They look like tiny water melons, the fruit of this fast growing Melothria. It climbs up on support to 150cm in a blink. You eat the fruits on one of your forays through the garden, decorate lettuce or pickle them like gherkins. Vital plant without any diseases or pests. Ornamental and useful plant.

Sowing from middle of April: Put 2 seeds in a small pot or directly in the open from the middle of May. Plant distances 50cm in all directions. Nutrient-rich soil, compost and a layer of mulch are beneficial. Provide climbing support using pegs or nets. Cultivation on the balcony possible.

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Sowing quantity - 5 g/Are

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