gourd family, cucurbit family Melothria pendula scabra

Mexican sour gherkin Cornichons

These rapidly climbing Melothria cucumbers look like tiny watermelons. In no time they will have climbed 150 cm. The fruit makes a perfect snack while touring your garden. You can surprise your house guests with fun salads or, even, make mini-watermelon looking pickles. This plants truly stimulates your creativity. It is a robust plants and resistant to many diseases and pests. Not only is it a beautiful ornamental, it is useful and delicious.

Sow from mid-April with two seeds in a small pot for transplants or from mid-May directly into the field. Planting 50 ✕ 50 cm spacing on all sides. Use nutrient-rich soil, compost and mulch which are very beneficial to cucumbers. Give a climbing stake for Melothria to create its enchanting network. Melothria does great on balconies.

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Sowing quantity - 5 g/Are

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