umbellifier family Daucus carota

Eine weisse Bienenweide: Bl├╝hende Karotten

China robust Selection Z Early carrots

This sweet, crisp, early carrot is just the carrot you could wish for. It is short and stocky (15 cm), which lets it grow great in shallow ground. As a remarkably strong grower, it is resistant to Alternaria leaf blight. This carrot is best enjoyed fresh or kept into autumn as storage life is limited.

Sow seeds from March and then again in July in rows with 30 cm spacing. Keep rows week free by constant weeding. Do not add fresh compost. Cover beds with netting to protect against carrot fly for July crops. Carrots intercrop very well with onions to maximize garden space.

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Sowing quantity 30 - 40 g/Are

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Portion (for 5 m2)
3.95 CHF
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25 g (1000 seeds/g)
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