composite plants, daisy family Lactuca sativa var. crispa

Curly crisphead of Changins winterlattughino

Freshly harvest lettuce over the Easter holidays? The Winterlattughino makes it possible. With its curly reddish leaves it is one of the most tasty kinds, as it took all winter to collect the formative forces in itself. A heirloom salad, which is also listed as one of the varieties worth preserving. At a large enough distance it develops small loose heads. Can also be cultivated for fresh cut lettuce.

Directly sow in the garden bed in September. Young plantlings are transplanted to a distance of 20x20xm in October. A light winter-protection using a fleece cover of foil is recommended.

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Sowing quantity 3 - 5 g/Are

Item No.
Price / item
Portion (for 3 m²)
3.95 CHF
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5 g (1000 seeds/g)
13.55 CHF
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