composite plants, daisy family Helianthus annuus

Sonnenblume "Freundlicher Gulliver"

Friendly Gulliver Sunflower

With an imposing height of 3 metres, this giant sunflower seems to nod its friendly face at garden visitors. It makes for a joyful and warm welcoming to the garden when rays of sunflower smiles seem to be beaming down on you. Those who collect the seeds in autumn can roast and salt them for a winter snack to nibble on. It will bring back visions of summer.

Sow from April 2 with single seeds in 8-cm pots in a warm place. Keep moist and with adequate sunlight. Transplant into the field from mid-May at a distance of 50 ✕ 50 cm spacing. Tie up if necessary. Direct seeding from mid-May and on is also possible.

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