gourd family, cucurbit family Citrullus sp.

Brot von Babylon: riesig gross und erfrischend!

Bread of Babylon Selection Z Pickle Melon

These giant melons grow up to 30 kg! It is harvested like a pumpkin in the autumn and can be stored for up to a year. It is a wonderful fruit for long-term storage even though it is so large! As a jam, for example, when seasoned with basil, it is a delicacy. But it is also possible to dice and can it to make mustard-fruits.

Sow from early to mid-April in 8-cm pots in a warm place. Sow two seeds at a time and cover lightly. Keep moist and warm. From mid-May, transplant into the field at a distance of 200 ✕ 100 cm. Nutrient-rich soil and compost are beneficial. Harvest before the first frost.

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Sowing quantity 8 - 10 g/Are

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