gourd family, cucurbit family Cucumis sativus

Picnic Cucumber

She is a true discovery! This cucumber actually resembles a lemon and surprisingly is just as refreshing. It is great for decorating salads, as a thirst quencher during sporting activities, and relaxing in summer. They bear fruit until late autumn.

Sow beginning in mid-April with 2 seeds each in an 8-cell starter tray for transplants or from mid-May direct seeded in the field. Plant with a spacing of 50 ✕ 50 cm in nutrient-rich soil. Compost and mulch cover are recommended. Intercrop with any salad greens, kohlrabi, radish or, even, sweet corn in between the young cucumbers for maximizing garden space. Plants love being planted between rows of sweet corn which gives the perfect amount of shade.

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Sowing quantity 20 g/Are

Item No.
Price / item
Portion (ca. 30 seeds)
4.60 CHF
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5 g (50 seeds/g)
19.10 CHF
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