legume family Phaseolus vulgaris ssp. vulgaris var. vulgaris

Monstrance bean, angel bean meditation bean

(Runner bean) No other bean has been attributes with that many mystic stories as the monstrance bean. The drawing - is it the picture of a monstrance or an angel? like painted with the finest brush on noble white, stimulates the yearning for the sacred.

Put some of these seeds in the sun warmed soil in May. Watch how they germinate, climb up a pole, bloom, produce fruits and develop a pattern on the mature seeds towards autumn. Then take the pods into the house, and keep the seed in its protective shell, so you can shell it during Christmas time and admire it. The worldly manner: Continuously harvest the tender green pods in summer and shell the the dried husks in autumn so you can start to prepare bean dishes. Gardener tip: Let the seeds swell in lukewarm chamomile tea for 12 hours before sowing.

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Sowing quantity 400 - 600 g/Are

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