legume family Pisum sativum convar. axiphium

Kefen Weggiser blühend
Blühende Weggsier Kefen

Weggiser, Snow pea from Weggis Snow peas, Sugar peas

This medium early snow pea grows about 1 m high. It blooms with beautiful violet flowers and tender pods. It boasts both productivity and a great taste. This is by far one of the best sugar peas. This heirloom variety is a proven landrace for home gardens.

Sow from March to April directly in the field. Space rows at 40 cm apart with 2–3 cm between single seeds at a depth of 5 cm. Alternatively, sow 8–10 seeds in a circle every 40 cm. Seeds must be protected against birds. For trellising, place a branched stake in the centre of each circle or string twine or wire on each side of the rows. Harvest from the beginning of June.

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Sowing quantity 500 g/Are

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