gourd family, cucurbit family Citrullus lanatus

Sugar Baby water melon

This is a variety that stands up to its name. It develops football-sized, dark green fruit with a crimson, juicy and very sweet flesh. The fruit ripens in a temperate climate—even right in the field. As they grow, everyone will have their eye on them awaiting the sweet reward come harvest time. It is a clear winner.

Sow from early to mid-April into 8-cm pots in a warm place. Sow two seeds and only lightly cover, keep moist, and warm. In mild climates, young plants can be moved to the outdoors from May 20 and onwards. Space at 100 ✕ 100 cm distance. Plants placed in a hotbed, plastic tunnels or greenhouses guarantee a good harvest. Nutrient-rich soil and compost are beneficial.

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Sowing quantity 8 - 10 g/Are

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