nightshade family Solanum lycopersicum

Bio-Cherrytomate "Rote Cherry". Biosamen dieser kleinen Tomaten sind sehr robust und eignen sich für Ihren Garten. Jetzt säen!
Reiche Ernte an Bio-Tomaten
Ein Topf genügt um eine ganze Familie mit Tomaten zu versorgen!

Red type cherry tomato Mini-tomatoes

This variety is a strong grower with high vitality and vigorous growth. It bears many small, yet very tasty cherry tomatoes. It works great on a balcony too. Kids love them; it really draws them into gardening! They have unlimited growth and an abundant yield.

Sow in early March into seedling trays in a warm place. Transfer to pots when about 5 cm high. Transplant into the field from May 20 at a distance of 80 ✕ 80 cm. Tie up to stakes or trellis strings. Also break some side branches to promote full fruiting. Protection from rain is recommended. Tip for mixed culture: Basil and parsley intercrop beautifully.

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