crucifer, cabbage family Brassica chinensis


Tatsoi Leaf mustard, Versatile vegetable

Tatsoi brings you an oriental leafy vegetable with a mild taste. Its circular dark-green leaves are held in a dense rosette. The whole rosettes are cut at harvest time. They taste delicious in soups, sautéed, or prepared like spinach. This robust plant is very productive and high-yielding in bulk and flavour.

Autumn planting is recommended since flea beetles pose the least threat at this time. Sow at the end of July and into August in rows 25 cm apart. Continual weeding and consistent moisture give a high yield. Tatsoi is harvest-ready after 45 days.

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Sowing quantity 30 g/Are

Item No.
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Portion (for 5 m2)
3.95 CHF
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25 g (600 seeds/g)
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