legume family Tetragonolobus purpureus

Asparagus pea asparagus-pea, winged pea

This, almost forgotten, vegetable will hopefully enjoy its renaissance! The plants spread as ground covering all over the bed. The deep red butterfly flowers illuminate the deep green of the leaves. Asparagus pea seems to turn a garden bed into a work of modern art with angled “wings” to attract the attention of the eye. Harvest the square-winged legumes when still immature (about 3 cm long). Prepare them in the kitchen like snow peas or sugar peas. The are a delicacy for the eyes and palate.

Sow in April in rows with 50 cm spacing. Space single seeds at 10–15 cm within the row. You can easily intercrop quick growing radishes or salad greens between rows at the beginning of the season. Continuously pick the young pods until autumn.

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Sowing quantity 400 g/Are

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