nightshade family Solanum lycopersicum

Organic tomato seeds: the best for your garden.
The best tomato variety for the balcon: harvest the first tasty organic tomatoes from June on.

Siberian Early tomatoes

This tomato comes from cold climates and ripens in our climate in late June! It also thrives on the balcony. The fruit size varies from small to medium. The flesh is firm and packed with flavour. It can be cultivated in pots with a stake for support. Limit the height to 60 cm.

Sow from March to mid-April into seedling trays in a warm place (24° C). Transfer to pots when about 5 cm high. Transplant into the field after May 20 at a distance of 40 ✕ 40 cm. Tie up to stakes or trellis strings. Also break some side branches to promote full fruiting. Protection from rain is recommended. Tip for mixed culture: Basil and parsley intercrop beautifully.

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Sowing quantity 2 g/Are

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