legume family Phaseolus vulgaris

Bohnensamen Red Kidney
Bohnensamen Red Kidney

Red kidney Indian bean (Corn bean)

“Red kidney” is a prominent dry bean. You let them dry as opposed to eating them in the pods like green beans. Harvest the dry seeds in August so that you can use them in your favourite autumn recipes. They are great in hot soups and Mexican dishes (chili con carne) to keep you warm on cool evenings. They make a colourful addition to salads too. They are loaded with protein, give a high-yield, and taste great. A must have for all gardens. Height approx. 60cm.

Sow from mid-May an on in rows 40–50 cm apart. Seed at 5–8 cm spacing with single seeds 2 cm deep. Help germination by lightly raking with a fine toothed rake and, later, hill the plants twice. Harvest the dry pods from the end of August. Air dry then thrash and sift out the red beans.

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