poaceae, gramineae family Zea mays

Popi-Hopi Pop corn

This short stature variety is only about 40 cm high and forms small cobs of 8–10 cm in length. The seeds pack quite the popping ability. They are very light and give off a wonderful smell; plus they taste great. Popcorn comes from the clever way Native Americans would easily crack and cook grains with little energy and effort.

Sow in mid-May directly into the field in rows 40 cm apart with 10 cm spacing between single grains in each row. Rich compost will pay off with healthy growth. Be sure to keep the plot weed free. Harvest the mature pods in August then dry them out thoroughly. Rub the seeds off the cob with your hands and you are good to go! Start popping away in an air popper, on the stove, or, better yet, a campfire.

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Sowing quantity 200 g/Are

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