nightshade family Solanum lycopersicum

Peruvian wild tomato mini-tomatoes

Who ever experiences this tomato, gets an idea of the enormous vitality of the original tomato. It grows, blooms and develops fruits in cold, wet weather conditions as well as in dry and hot times. The fingertip-sized fruits are full of aroma and strength. Also suitable for cultivation on the balcony. Sometimes arbitrary in the germination (germination period up to 4 weeks).

Sow in seed trays at a warm location from March. Prick out young plantlings when about 5cm tall. Bed out from the 20th of May to a distance of 80x80cm. Tie up on posts or bind up using twine, break off several side shoots. Rain cover recommended. Tip: Mixed plant culture: basil and parsley.

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Sowing quantity 1 g/Are

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