nightshade family Solanum lycopersicum

Peruvian Wild Tomato Mini-tomatoes

Whoever experiences growing this tomato gets an idea of the resilient vitality of the original tomatoes. It grows, blossoms and bears fruit in cold, wet, heat, and drought. The fingertip-sized fruits are full of flavor and hardiness. It produces well on the balcony also. Germination is idiosyncratic (uneven) where you may have up to four weeks for seed germination!

Sow in early March into seedling trays in a warm place. Transfer to pots when about 5 cm high. Transplant into the field from May 20 at a distance of 80 ✕ 80 cm. Tie up to stakes or trellis strings. Also break some side branches to promote full fruiting. Protection from rain is recommended. Tip for mixed culture: Basil and parsley intercrop beautifully.

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Sowing quantity 1 g/Are

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