poaceae, gramineae family Triticum spelta

Widerstandsfähig und ertragreich: der Dinkel

Red spelt from Oberkulm (autumn sowing) Spelt

This very robust grain gives a medium yield with good stability. Height reaches 180 cm. It makes excellent baking flour thanks to the exceptional inner qualities (endosperm). Getting to know this heirloom bread flour makes for excitement in the kitchen and table.

Sow in mid October in weed-free, rather poor soil. No compost or fertilizer should be added; otherwise the crop suffers and the grain may lodge. Space rows at 15 cm or sow by broadcasting. Harvest in August. Cut the grain and bind into sheaves to let dry.

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Sowing quantity 2000 g/Are

Item No.
Price / item
100 g (for 5 m2)
5.70 CHF
0.00 CHF
500 g (for 25 m2)
12.50 CHF
0.00 CHF