legume family Phaseolus vulgaris ssp. vulgaris var. vulgaris

Meuch Climbing beans / Pole beans

Meuch is an heirloom, proven variety that your grandmother was sure to have grown. The purple-speckled pods not only make the food look like modern art, they taste great too. Harvest them when pods are full, but not too late and bulging. You can even use the dry beans in soup to give it that characteristic Meuch flavour.

Sow from mid-May to the beginning of June at a distance of 60 cm. Place about 9 beans in a circle 2 cm deep in a circle pattern. “Beans must hear the bells ringing.” So do not sow them too deep. Stick a 2.5 m stake in the circle to give the beans a climbing trail for their tendrils. Meuch responds well to ample compost. Gardener Tip: Soak seeds for 12 hours in lukewarm chamomile tea before sowing.

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Sowing quantity 400 - 600 g/Are

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