legume family Phaseolus coccineus

Runner bean, scarlet runner runner bean, scarlet runner bean

The red- and white-flowering plants - an ornament in the garden – are very robust and produce a high yield. Also suitable for higher elevated, more harsh locations. The plant grows up to 250-300cm tall. Scarlet runners are less demanding than runner beans. Two kinds of seeds: White ones and dark-violet spotted ones!

Sowing from middle of May to beginning of June. In a distance of 60cm position about 9 beans in a circle at a depth of 2cm. “Beans need to hear the bells ring”. Put a 2.5m long pole in the centre of each circle. Generous additions of compost pay off. Garden tip: Let the seeds swell in lukewarm chamomile tea for 12h before the sowing.

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Sowing quantity 2 kg/Are

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