gourd family, cucurbit family Cucumis sativus


De Bourbonne Cornichons

French food connoisseurs claim that these make the best pickles (gherkins). These are at the peak of crispness when they are about 5 cm long. They have a slightly wild taste that works perfect for pickling. The recipe could not be easier. Just soak in salt brine overnight, dry in the morning, place in sterilized jars, and pour in boiling vinegar. So simple! This variety is one of the last non-F1 hybrids which are still bringing their heirloom taste to your table.

Sow from mid-April in pots or in mid-May directly into the field. Plant at 50 ✕ 50 cm spacing on all sides. Cucumbers love mature compost and mulch. They also prefer the perfect ratio of shade from sweet corn which also help maximize space. Search for harvest-ready cucumbers every other day.

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Sowing quantity 20 g/Are

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