poaceae, gramineae family Zea mays convar. Saccharata


Golden Bantam Sweet corn

This is one of the last sweet corn varieties available, which is not an F1 hybrid. The yellow grains are semi-sweet with a pronounced pleasant taste. Each individual plant forms many stems which adds to the yield and makes it fun to grow.

Sow in mid-May directly into the field in rows 50 cm apart with 10 cm between single seeds. If you want to intercrop with cucumbers, row spacing must be at least 100 cm apart. The corn protects the cucumbers from wind and intense sun. Also, cucumbers create a groundcover on otherwise bare ground. Both corn and cucumbers will be grateful for rich compost. Harvest the milky-ripe corn cobs in August.

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Sowing quantity 200 g/Are

Item No.
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Portion (ca. 30 seeds)
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100 g (5 seeds/g)
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