goosefoot family Beta vulgaris vulgaris flavescens

Im zweiten Jahr blüht der Krautstiel meterhoch!

Geneva (Field) Swiss chard

This hardy species overwinters very nicely in the open field—hence its common name of field chard. It can be used until late in the spring. The wide, white petioles (leaf stems) result in extensive leaves that add to your yield. The broad leaf can be cooked as spinach or used in rolled leaf recipes. It is a very tasty and high-yielding leafy vegetable.

Sow from April to July either directly into the garden bed at 40 cm spacing between rows or transplant seedlings from a starter tray. Thin out direct seedlings to 40 cm spacing within rows also. Harvest by continuously breaking off outer leaves. Leave the central leaves of new growth to continue growing. Let those keep growing to increase your yield.

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Sowing quantity 8 - 10 g/Are

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Portion (ca. 200 seeds)
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