foxglove family, snap dragon family, figwort family Antirrhinum majus

Ein Feld Löwenmäulchen
In allen Farben blühen die Löwenmäulchen

Mixed (annual or perennial) Snapdragon

These lovely flowers give a range of colours that adorn approximately 60 cm tall plants. This is a summer flower that should not be missed in flower gardens. Our variety comes from a wild population so it is suitable for a wildflower garden or as cut flowers for bouquets. Kids love to play with the petals to make dragon biting motions!

Sow in March to April into seedling trays. Transplant out into the field in May at a distance of about 40 cm. Direct seeding in September or April–May is also possible. Blooming occurs from July to October. If planted in protected and dry locations these can overwinter.

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