legume family Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus


Yellow wax bean Bush beans

This medium early variety gives a high yield of long, slender, golden-yellow pods. They are very tender and delicate in flavour. They are robust and handle frost well.

Sow from mid-May to mid-July in rows 40–50 cm apart. Seed at 5–8 cm spacing about 1 cm deep. Never seed too deep; as they say, “Beans must hear the bells ringing.” Help germination by lightly raking with a fine toothed rake and, later, hill the plants twice. Harvest early and you can double crop. Beans do well intercropped with crops like beets, leeks, celery, and radish. Gardeners Tip: Soak seeks for twelve hours in lukewarm chamomile tea before sowing.

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Sowing quantity 500 - 800 g/Are

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