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Planting Seedlings Outdoor

Whether you grow your own seedlings or buy them, from mid-May, you can plant them in the garden, either in the open air or in a greenhouse. Follow... To article

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What to sow
Tips & Tricks
The first harvest

May is the month where we can take full advantage of the first harvest: carrots, radishes and lettuce provide us with fresh vitamins. Don’t forget to continue planting to ensure a continuous harvest.

Beans: Our growing tips

Beans were already cultivated by the South American Indians, and only reached Europe in the 16th century...

Plant autumn vegetables

Spring is finally here, we are planting beans, harvesting the first lettuces, and are looking forward to the summer...

Planting Seedlings Outdoor

Some gardeners prefer to make their own seedlings from seeds, while others buy them from nurseries or from makets,...

Spacing out your seeds

Even plants need a private sphere, or in other words, enough room to grow. This will give them enough light, water and nutrients for a healthy development...

Sweet corn, beetroot, edamame: mixed crops in the garden

We only know a few gardeners as talented as Marianne. Every year, she tries countless new varieties and combinations in her garden, and recipes from around the world are tested in her kitchen...