What's New for 2021 & Seed Availability - 25. February 2021

Our clients are great: Every year we receive countless samples of seeds of old varieties, discoveries made when travelling, or personal selections. For us, it’s just like Christmas: we are filled with curiosity and our hearts beat faster! All these samples are then tested in our test plots, along with our own new selections and samples from around the world, where they are then rigorously evaluated according to a multitude of criteria. Only the best new ones deserve a place in our catalogue. In 2021, we are offering 12 and we hope that you will be just as convinced as we are!

Yardlong beans - Metro
Fennel - Finale
Carrots - Nantes 2
Squash - Atlantic Giant
Swiss chard - Red
Pot marigold- Orange
Craspedia globosa - little suns
Coneflower - Purple
Poppy - Alpine poppy
Poppy - Icelandic Poppy
Milk thistle

What's New for 2021 & Seed Availability

Seed availability

At this time, some items are marked as "unavailable". Due to a delay in the production of our printing plant, we are waiting for a delivery of packages. As soon as we receive it, most of these items will be packed!

However, some species are out of stock due to below-expected harvests. In this table you will find information about the status of the different items, and whether they will be available soon.

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What's New for 2021 & Seed Availability