Solidarity with the medical staff! - 26. March 2020

In these difficult times, thousands of people work long hours in hospitals and clinics to help victims of the COVID19-virus. By doing so, they take a personal risk of being infected themselves.

Out of solidarity with the medical and nursing staff, we want to make a modest contribution. Our family company was lucky this time, and unlike many others, we can continue to operate.

Our promise: for each of our organic cereal bars that is sold, we donate the same quantity to a break room in a medical institution. Just a little thank you for these selfless commitments.

Our cereal bar is produced in Switzerland using only seven organic ingredients, and of course doesn't contain preservatives and no added sugar.

You can find our cereal bars here, and through this link, you can submit suggestions for medical institutions to consider. Please submit only professional addresses that work.


Thank you for your support!
Til, Tizian and Tulipan Zollinger


Solidarity with the medical staff!

Solidarity with the medical staff!


*For all orders placed until March 31st 2020 or as long as stocks last. We can't guarantee that all adresses will get a shipment, but the totality of the cereal bars will be donated.