2020: All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds! - 03. January 2020

Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. But day in, day out, we're being flooded with negative headlines. Why? Because it works! It's too easy to capture our attention with Trump, war or the burning Amazon rainforest. As a small company producing organic seeds, it would be so easy for us to adopt an easy and comfortable role as victims fighting against evil corporations and reckless polluters.

Of course, these do exist. But for 2020, we set ourselves the goal to focus on the positive and inspiring. In 2019, our family-owned company could grow, and the demand for our organic seeds and heirloom varieties is higher every year. More and more gardeners see that their choice of varieties has a direct impact on their harvest. They get more robust plants in the garden, tastier vegetables in the kitchen, and can avoid the use of pesticides. Gardening becomes even more fun and contributes actively to higher biodiversity. If this isn't real progress, what is?

An increasing number of consumers are interested in the origin of their purchases and how their products where made. This leads to many critical inquiries, also with us! But this is a good thing. Do we really need plastic in our packaging? How could we further reduce our environmental footprint?

All these suggestions and remarks made us think and brought many ideas: how could we better use our plant-based byproducts that are left over after we harvest our seeds?

The seeds are often just a fraction of a plant's whole biomass. Most of it has so far been composted. But there is so much more we could do with it! As soon as one adopts this mindset, the ideas just come naturally. Of course, let's make a solid shampoo bar with the leftovers of flax, the hair-strengthening virtues of this plant have been known for ages! The subtle scent of Holy Basil and lavender would make a great soap… And all those precious herbs would taste great as a relaxing tea!

Suddenly, the possibilities become endless and the development of innovative new products is launched. We feel: yes, we're going in the right direction. And all of this is only possible thanks to the valuable inputs of you, dear customers and gardeners. YOUR drive to push for the right thing to do motivates us and we are grateful for this.

We wish you all a lot of success for 2020!
Tizian, Til and Tulipan Zollinger


2020: All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds!