Crowdfunding: help us with our new project! - 03. October 2019

He who sows the Seeds, reaps the Shampoo bar

Why throw away if we can upcycle? When producing our organic seeds, many of our plants are currently composted, while they still contain a multitude of benefits!

For us, discarding so many healthy resources doesn’t make sense. To value our crops, we transform the rest of our fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs into cosmetic ingredients!

We are proud to present our new Solid Shampoo bar with organic Blue Linseed Extract from our gardens, and with a high concentration of active ingredients.

We propose you a new format with a new gesture, that says goodbye to plastic bottles and that knocks classic liquid shampoos down! Are you ready to try and adopt our Solid Shampoo bar?

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Against the grain !

Greenwashing is rampant in the Cosmetic world.

  • Why are there those endless lists of ingredients?
  • Why use exotic ingredients while the Alpine Arc offers incredible biodiversity?
  • Why are there so many plastic bottles with our shampoos?

Reducing waste, concentrating the ingredients to the maximum and upcycling by-products - so that cosmetics become a pleasure without bitterness!

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The donation does not fall far from the tree

Support our crowdfunding campaign!

If all goes well, you will receive your Solid Shampoo bars early December!

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A big thank you from the entire Zollinger Bio team!

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