Adapt your garden for birds and hedgehogs - 01. August 2021

It does not take much effort to make your garden more attractive to many species and increase biodiversity. Goldfinches will be grateful for any salad or chicory you let go to seed. They will not only produce beautiful flowers, but will serve as a source of food for their journey to the South. Similarly, with sunflowers left on the stem in autumn: Throughout the winter, birds will snack there.

Some green manures such as borage or buckwheat, serve as the last sources of nectar for bees and other pollinating insects. They also cover the soil, prevent soil erosion, and remove the soil from their roots.

Finally, by forming large piles with branches and stems cut after the crops, you create precious shelters for when hedgehogs hibernate. They will be so grateful to you that they will protect your crops from slugs once spring comes!

Adapt your garden for birds and hedgehogs