Water your plants regularly - 01. July 2021

All plants need water. They use it to absorb nutrients into the soil and transport them by the sap. Water is essential for photosynthesis and allows the plant to cool down through evaporation. A sufficient supply of water is, therefore, absolutely essential to utilise the full potential of your crops!

In dry periods, natural moisture may not be enough to meet the plants’ needs, and watering is required. They will be grateful if you follow these few simple rules:

  • Preferably water early in the morning or late in the evening. Sudden watering during the day and in full sunlight can cause shock and damage your plants.
  • Avoid giving them a "cold shower” - well, like you, plants prefer temperate water. Fill your watering cans in the morning and let the water heat up during the day.
  • Avoid wetting the leaves: Instead, water near the foot of the plants, so that water is available where it is absorbed, which is by the roots. Wet leaves are also more prone to fungal diseases such as mildew or powdery mildew, particularly in tomatoes, courgettes, and cucumbers.
  • Water is precious, so avoid wasting it! If possible, use rainwater, which is not only free, but also less loaded with salts - your soil will be grateful for it. Avoid spraying large areas with a jet, but only water plants that need it. This will also prevent weeds from sprouting!
Water your plants regularly