Sowing in July - 12. July 2021

At the beginning of the month, the very last bush beans can be planted as they will produce until September. Don't forget to regularly plant lines of leaf lettuces, onions and chard every 10-14 days for a continuous harvest. Asian vegetables such as mizuna and pai tsai grow fast and can be used raw in salad or cooked.

Also lant summer lettuces such as Batavia or Ice Queen, or varieties like Kagran summer, Marvel of Four Seasons or Pia.

Radishes, Corne de Cerf, rocket, borage and various species of chicory add colour and taste to your salads.

Think about your winter reserves too! Root vegetables such as carrots and winter species like fennel or winter cauliflower are now beginning to dry out.

Finally, remember that in less than six months, it's Christmas! What could be better than a fresh garden of lamb’s lettuce to accompany your holiday menus? Plant soon!

As always, the complete list of July seeds is available here.