Savon noir to fight aphids - 18. May 2020

Aphids are tiny soft bodied insects, but despite their size they can do a lot of damage to our plants. They can be of different colours, green, black, white, brown, grey, yellow. Some aphids are specific to certain plants, while some other can feed from different species. 

What to look for

- Misshaped, yellowing and curled leaves. If your plant presents that, check under the leaf, most of times aphids hide there. 

- The leaves and the stem of the plant are covered with a sticky substance. This is 'honeydew' a sugar produced by the insects as waste and it can encourage a fungal growth causing the leaf to go black. 

- Distorted flowers and fruits. 

How to fight them off

- First of all try spraying water on leaves to remove the aphids, this method might suffice if they are not great in numbers.

- Encourage beneficial insects that prey on aphids, as for example ladybugs, lacewings, parasitic wasps. 

- Aphid can be repelled by certain plants: catnip, garlic and chives when planted near lettuce peas and rose bushes. 

- Plant plants that attract aphids such as canarybird flowers.

- Use insecticidal soaps such as 'Savon Noir'

How to use Savon Noir as insecticide

The Savoin Noir is an effective and organic remedy against aphids that respects the plants and the environment and it's not harmful for humans. 

The Savon Noir is made mixing oil (olive oil/flax oil/corn oil) and potassium. You can find it in liquid or solid form. 

How to use it? 

The basic rule is to use 5% of Savon Noir which mean for a liter of how water you can use 50ml of Savon Noir. If you're using the solid version, dilute 50ml in a little of hot water and then add it to the rest of the water. Once the solution is ready simply spray it on your plants, make sure to spray it on the bottom of the leaves, where the aphids like to hide.

Plants that can be treated with Savon Noir:

- Rose bushes
- Tomato plants
- House plants
- Fruit trees

Avoid using it on the herbs. 

Make sure to wash thoroughly your fruits and vegs before consuming them if they have been treated with Savon Noir.