June: Planting, garden work and tomato care - 01. June 2021

After a rather intense month of May, a slightly quieter month is approaching. Dedicating time to tend to your crops and weeding is worth it and will be widely rewarded by the first crops!

If you haven't done so yet, plant your seedlings outdoors if possible, and choose a cloudy day to prevent the plants from getting sunburned. Alternatively, plant them in the evening.
You can find all the useful tips to plant your tomatoes properly here.

Take advantage of the fine weather to plant beans. Make sure to protect them during the first ten days from bean flies, which lay their eggs directly into the seeds. Cover them quickly with a non-woven piece of fabric or a net.

Early June is the very last moment to plant squash, courgettes, and cucumbers. Plant them either directly in the ground, or in a small pot inside, and then plant them outdoors.

Remember to sow the root vegetables and autumn vegetables such as long radishes, Kohlrabi carrots, beetroot or red carrots. To ensure you always have something to harvest, sow early varieties like radishleaf lettuces, or rocket every 10-14 days .

But first and foremost, enjoy the garden and the summer ahead!