June is made to do what wasn't done in may - 01. June 2020

After an intense month of May, June can be dedicated to weeding and pampering our plants. This work will soon be rewarded by the first harvets!

Take a quick look at our May calendar to see if all the tasks have been accomplished, if not pull up your sleeves and start to catch up https://www.zollinger.bio/fr/blog/posts/328-der-garten-im-mai


- Plant your seedlings outside. You might have grown them from seeds or bought them at a market/store, in any case they are more than ready to be planted outside. Choose a nice day, not too cold and not too hot and if possible plant them early in the morning to avoid shocks. Here are our tips on how to best plant seedlings https://www.zollinger.bio/fr/blog/posts/325-planter-les-plantons-dehors


- You are still in time to plant all the cucurbitaceae directly outside, https://www.zollinger.bio/fr/blog/posts/315-semer-les-cucurbitacees . Warning: these plants are particularly sensitive to frost, if you live at high altitude, it might be best to plant them in small pots and keep them inside for another while. 


- Sow all root vegetables such as: turnips, carrots, radish, beetroot etc. 


- Sow all chichories. 


- Keep up with succession seeding for: carrots, salads, rocket, beets etc. more info here https://www.zollinger.bio/en/blog/posts/320-semis-echelonnes-une-recolte-en-continu


- Make sure to water all plants early in the morning and never during the how hours of the day. 


- Cut all the wilted flowers from spring bushes. 


- Fruits from trees and bushes such as raspberries, strawberries, cherries, redcurrant need to be protected against bird. Cover them with a net or provide other food sources. 


- Take time to enjoy your garden, harvest its first fruits such as carrots, radishes salads, early tomatoes and enjoy the first summer sun.