Plant autumn vegetables - 29. April 2021

Spring is finally here, we are planting beans, harvesting the first lettuces, and are looking forward to the summer. There are so many things to do in the garden that we almost forget that many autumn vegetables need to be planted now!

If you want to prolong the season and ensure your vitamin intake in the autumn, consider planting the following varieties:


-Brussels sprouts




-Curly kale


-Red cabbage

-White cabbage

-Savoy cabbage

Plant autumn vegetables

Most of these varieties grow relatively slowly and will be in your garden for several months. Therefore, we advise putting enough compost when you plant them, and ensuring adequate watering throughout the summer. By weeding regularly, you can ensure that your plants can grow without any trouble.

To maximise space during the first few months, fast-growing varieties can be sown between the lines, such as carrots, salads, radishes, or spinach.