Autumn and Winter cultures - 28. April 2020

The warm weather, the first harvests and the fast growing seedlings keep us busy in the garden, the excitement is high and there is so much to do, but we have to be careful not to forget about sowing cultures that are goin g to be harvested druing the autumn/winter. 

In particular, in may we should think about sowing the following:

- Beets and Beetroots

- Brussels Sprouts

- Turnips

- Salsify

- Squash 

- Kale

- Parsnip

- Red Cabbage

- White Cabbage

- Savoy Cabbage


Autumn and winter vegetables sown in the spring are vegetables whose vegetative cycle is long. They will stay in place for several months. Therefore the soil must be well prepared and cleaned, because once the development of the vegetable has started, it is complicated to do any further interventions to the soil. Special attention must be given to watering during the long growing season, in order to ensure the development of plants with the least possible water stress.

When to sow autumn and winter vegetables?

Good fall and winter harvests are anticipated months in advance, at times when the gardener is already busy with seasonal vegetables. The solution, so as not to forget to do the seedlings, is to make a small calendar that will serve as a reminder and that we will slip into its "Garden Agenda" of the year.


Also do not forget to keep up with staggered sowing in order to have fresh vegetables all summer around.