Sweet corn, beetroot, edamame: mixed crops in the garden - 28. April 2021

We only know a few gardeners as talented as Marianne. Every year, she tries countless new varieties and combinations in her garden and recipes from around the world are tested in her kitchen. This year, she was particularly proud of her mixed cultivation of sweet corn, beetroot, and soybeans. She kindly allowed us to share her valuable secret.

Around 20th May, prepare a flowerbed of 120 cm wide. In the middle, plant a Golden Bantam sweet corn seedling every 50 cm, which had been planted in a pot two weeks earlier. In the same line, plant a seed of soybeans every 5-6 cm between the corn plants.

To the left and right of this line, plant in parallel cylindra beetroot and/or red ball beetroot. The corn will grow high quickly, producing beautifully sweet cobs by mid-August. At the same time, the soybean pods still harvest green, to make edamame - this deliciously succulent Japanese snack. As soon as all the corncobs are harvested, the plants can be removed. Dry soybeans can be used to make homemade tofu. As early as September, there will be an abundance of beetroot.