Encourage beneficial insects in your garden! - 05. March 2021

The word "insects” gives many gardeners nightmares and they worry about pests attacking their crops. Too often we forget the important role that many insects play in biological control and, in fact, help us protect our plants. Ladybirds and bees are the best-known examples, but there are a multitude of beneficial organisms worth encouraging. In professional agriculture, they are already being used extensively, and increasingly in private gardens too. Some can be purchased from Andermatt Biogarten.

Encourage beneficial insects in your garden!

There are several ways to encourage the presence of such organisms and make them work for us. Most measures in favour of bees are also beneficial for other insects. Here’s what to do:

Boost biodiversity in your garden: the more species there are, the better! Avoid a "sterile" garden and fallow layers. A lettuce that flowers may no longer be eaten, but it is home to many insects; it offers pollen and nectar, and the seeds are highly appreciated by birds.

Consciously sow mixtures beneficial to species, for example our Wildflower for insects. This allows you to increase the value of small, otherwise unusable surfaces.

Insects need a place to reproduce. There are of course the famous "insect hotels", but a pile of branches or dead leaves can also house many species.

This sounds logical and obvious but is far from it for all gardeners: make sure to grow organically, without chemical pesticides!

Encourage beneficial insects in your garden!