Protect young shoots - 27. March 2020

In april we can start sowing the first culture outside, this is exciting, however we need to pay particular attetion to protecting the delicate young shoots from frost, critters and insects. 



Despite the first sunny days bring warm temperature, the nights might still be cold and frosty, therefore we need to take care of our seedlings. Some plants can stand frost but many for many others with need to take some protective measures. We can do this by covering them with bedsheets, cloths or plastic sheets, make sure you keep them high enough to avoid the sheets touching the foliage. You can remove the covering material once the temperature rises. 

Make sure to water the soil throughly, wet soil holds the heat better than dry soil. 



Young seedlings are the favourite meals of some insects and birds. Once sowed make sure to cover them with fleece and cages to avoid these predators from serving themselves on your young shoots.
Slugs are one of the main problems in the garden, check our blog post to see how to best fight them naturally



The lovely scent of carrots often attracts this small predator. Carrots root flies lay eggs at soil level near the roots and once the egg hatch, the larvae will eat the roots. The younger the carrots are, the more attractive. Here are some tips to avoid the damages from carrot root fly:
- Choose resistant varieties 
-  Sow seeds thin instead of planning to thin out later, by doing so you will avoid releasing the carrot smell when thinning out
- Cover the carrots with fleece or create barries with a fence and fleece
- Grow the carrots near strong smelling crops such as allium and onions, to cover their smell
- Mix the carrots with other crops

Protect young shoots