Growing cucurbits - 05. March 2021

Growing Cucurbits - 27th March 2020

The cucurbits family is extremely diverse and offers us a multitude of fruit of different shapes and colours. Originating in tropical South America, these species do not withstand the cold and require temperatures above 20°C, especially during germination. It is, therefore, imperative to plant seedlings, which also reduces damage caused by slugs. Fortunately, after 10 days, we can already plant them!

Vegetables belonging to the cucurbit’s family:

-Squash, Pumpkin, Red Kuri Squash
-Watermelon, Cantaloupe 


Make sure you choose a good organic soil for sowing. At the end of April/beginning of May, put 1-2 seeds per pot, and squeeze them lightly. Cover them with a very thin layer of soil or sand. Keep the earth moist but not wet, and in a very bright place, which is at least 20°C.

If possible, from 20th May, plant them outdoors in a sunny, warm, and protected area. Watch out for slugs!

Cultivating plants on the balcony

Cucurbits also grow very well on a balcony in a large pot (min. 20 litres). You can allow the cucumbers to grow upwards, for example, by using string, which saves you space if you have a small area to work with. You’ll be able to grow a lot of fruit and vegetables in such a small space!

Pollination problems: If the fruit rot a few days after flowering, a lack of pollination could be the cause. Test it out for yourself by rubbing the pollen of a male flower on a female flower!


Cucurbits love soil rich in compost and plenty of water!