How to control slugs the natural way - 24. February 2021

March is the month where we sow a lot of vegetable in our garden. 

Unfortunatly the soft little seedlings are one of the most favourite meals for slugs and they need to be protected. 

There are many natural ways to fight against slugs going from removal to distraction. 

Let have a look at what we can do to ensure that our seedlings stay safe from these littel creatures. 


1. Favour predators in your garden. Hedgehogs and slow worms love slugs, make sure to provide good shelter in your garden for them. 

2. Plant 'distraction' plants. If you have the space and you can sacrifice a corner of your garden, plant some of the slugs' favourite plants like for example: 

- green salad 
- cabbage 
- strawberries 
- zucchini
- pumpkin
- cucumber
- kohlrabi
- beans
- mustard 
- celery 
- field camomile 
- buckwheat
- cress

Slugs also like to eat certain flowers:

- marigolds
- delphiniums (larkspur)
- hostas (Funkia)
- dahlias
- zinnias
- lupins (lupines)
- sunflowers
- dandelions
- petunias
- bellflowers (Campanula)
- asters (a big difference in varieties)

The bed can be placed a the entrance of the garden. A downside of this method is that there is a risk of increasing the slug population in the garden. 

3. Provide shelters for the slugs using planks, boards and tiles, the slugs will hide under these structure during the day, and all you'll have to do is to collect them and to relocate or eliminate them.

4. Create physical barriers. You can protect your seedling by covering them with plastic domes (plastic bottles cut in two) or by placing a copper mesh around the perimeter. You can also create a barrier with eggshells, but make sure they are clean and dry.