What type of graden suits you best? - 08. January 2019

What type of graden suits you best?

The size is not everything: with the right varieties you can enjoy a great harvest even in the smallest spaces.


The Quick & Easy Garden 

Ideal for the balcony or terrace

Even on very small surfaces, we can reap amazing quantities! The follwing varieties are easy to grow and require very little time. 

Winning combinations

From March to July, sow a line of each of the following varieties in a tray or in the ground. Lines should be 15cm apart. Harvest as you go, and sow again every 1-2 weeks to maximize harvest.

Tray 1 Radish “Saxa” - Leaf Salad “Mesclun” and Rocket are the easiest vegetables to grow. If you cut your salads 2-3 cm above the ground, they will grow back several times!

Tray 2 Carotts “Marché de Paris”Carrots "Paris Market' - Spring Onion. To alow these varieties to develop optimally, choose a pot that is least 20 cm deep, 

Add some color to balcony with our "Edible Flowers" mix!

What type of graden suits you best?

The Perfect Balcony

If you only have a relatively small surface, you can adapt your space perfectly to fit in some great plants. 

Bed 1: Let's take for example a balcony, you could place a garden bed towards the wall and there you could plant:

- Tomatoes and/or Chili Peppers and tie them to a structure

- Aromatic Herbs like Basil and Parsely

- Cucumbers and/or Eggplants on the other corner of the garden bed

Bed 2: On the second garden bed you could plant few varieties of:

- Lettuce 

- Carrots 

- Radish 

- Spring Onions 

Bed 3: Toward the corner of the balcony you could add a third bed where you could plant some pumpkins

What type of graden suits you best?

The Green Thumb

Ideal for larger surfaces

You have a beautiful space in your garden and some time to devote to it: how lucky! With a good concept, you can avoid buying vegetables all summer long.

The harvest belongs to those who sow early!

Make an early harvest by sowing in March: peas "Sprinter de Marbach", spinach, carrots "Tip Top", spring onions, leeks and a nice assortment of salads.

Ensure continuity

Every 1-2 weeks make sure to sow again: rocket, leaf salad "Mesclun" and radish "Saxa".

Keep a stock!

From the 15th of May, plant the "Garden luck" beans, zucchini "Grey" and Butternut squash to ensure an abundance of vegetables.

The honey-flower mix "Nectar Plus" helps bees and decorates your garden.

What type of graden suits you best?


Seedlings of tomatoes, aubergines and peppers: 1st stage

In order to be able to plant the tomatoes in May, it is necessary to sow them at the end of February / beginning of March. Stack the odds in your favour by following these tips.


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