Seeding equipment  - 03. January 2021

Planting your own tomatoes, aubergines or peppers is pretty challenging, and requires patience and the right equipment. The useful tips below will help you increase your chances of having beautiful, robust, and healthy plants.

1. Containers and pots Choose pots or terrines deep enough to allow healthy root development (min. 6-8 cm). A mini greenhouse helps to maintain a consistent temperature and prevents the seeds from drying out. We highly recommend using recycled materials to avoid too much waste. For those DIY enthusiasts, you can even make something yourself. Click here for some inspiration.

2. Potting soil During the critical sowing phase, you will need to use good soil. The necessary volumes are not huge, so don't skimp on this! A light and airy soil is necessary to promote plant growth. Peat is often added for better texture, but for sustainability reasons we advise against it. Choose a good soil without peat, for example, Ricoter.

3. Location Your seedlings NEED heat and lots of light. This is absolutely essential. Choose a space which is at least 20°C, for example, a sunny windowsill. But be careful: Too much direct sunlight can also burn fragile plants. If your plants are producing long thin and pale stems, this means they don't have enough light. Find a better place or use a lamp for some artificial light.

4. Water Keep your seedlings moist, but never wet. Until germination, you can cover your seedlings with a wet newspaper sheet. If necessary, water lightly with lukewarm water.

5. Smoking Normally, your seed compost should contain enough nutrients for your seedlings. If necessary, you can add a little liquid fertiliser after a few weeks, taking care not to burn the leaves.

Seeding equipment 
Seeding equipment