It's almost Spring! Tidy up and Prepare the Garden - 27. January 2020

Despite cold temperatures might deceive us, spring is approaching and it's a good idea to tidy up and prepare the garden in order not to be caught by surprise. 

Here's a list of things to do that can help you organising a good 'spring clean'. 

1. Prepare the soil

Start deweeing and clearing out the areas where you are planning to plant your crops. Dig and turn the soil to facilitate the roots of the new plants, add compost. 

2. Clean your pots

If you haven't done it at the end of the year, empty, clear and organise your pots so they'll be ready once you have to start planting the new seedlings and seeds. 

3. Check all your tools

Do a check of all your tools and equipment, clean them and organise them. Write a list of everything you might need according to your garden plan and make sure that everything is ready to get you going. 

4. Prune

If you have any trees or bushes to prune, do that now to streghten them. 

5. Set up the space for the pots and garden beds. 

If you're planning to grow your plants in pots and garden beds, build them up now. There is a lot of recycled material that can be used. 

6. Plant

Start planting the first seeds indoors and outdoors. Make sure to have all the right equipment that will help you grow beautiful seedlings. 

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